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Frequently Asked Questions on Zika Virus

1. What is Zika Virus
Zika Virus is a viral disease transmitted through Aedes aegypti mosquito bites. It is usually seen in tropical areas.

2. Who can get infected with Zika Virus?
Anyone can get infected with Zika Virus virus. The virus infection can be serious in new borns and in old people.

3. What are the symptoms of Zika Virus?
Main symptoms are high fever and joint pains. Joint pains can persist even long after recovery from the disease.

4. After infection, how soon will I see symptoms?
Zika Virus symptoms are seen after 1 to 12 days of infection. In rare cases, no symptoms are seen. The symptoms may get worse in the case of the elderly.

5. Is there any treatment for Zika Virus?
There are no vaccines or medicines for Zika Virus. Medication is done to reduce symptoms and pain.

6. How can I prevent Zika Virus infection?
Zika Virus is transmitted by mosquito. Taking various steps to minimize mosquito bite is the only effective prevention technique.

7. Can I get Zika Virus from another person?
There is some tenuous evidence that the Zika Virus may be transferable through sex. A researcher working in Senegal may have passed the Zika virus to his wife on his return to Colorado, USA.

8. Is Zika Virus fatal?
No, as of January 2016 there have been no reported deaths through the Zika Virus. The human immune system is capable of recovery from this disease in almost all cases. But it might take a while for the symptoms to disappear, especially the joint pains. The risk is higher for the elderly.

9. What is the impact of Zika Virus infection during pregnancy?
Pregnant woman can get Zika Virus infection at any stage of pregnancy. There is evidence from Brazil that suggests that the neurological disorder, Microcephaly can be passed on to the baby. So it is important to ensure that in Zika Virus areas pregnant woman are protected from mosquito bite.

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