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Countries marked in YELLOW show low levels of the Spread of the Zika Virus. Countries marked in RED show higher levels of the spread of Zika Virus.

The Map mainly indicates Zika Virus in The Caribbean, Southern states of America and South America. The Zika Virus has reached the U.S.A. In August 2016, The CDC issued a travel advisory for Miami, FL due to a confirmed Zika Virus outbreak. As the summer months approach, the Zika Virus is expected to spread through the Southern States of America.

1. American Samoa
2. Aruba
3. Barbados
4. Belize
5. Bolivia
6. Bonaire
7. Brazil
8. Cape Verde
9. Colombia
10. Costa Rica
11. Cuba
12. Curaçao
14. Dominican Republic
15. Ecuador
16. El Salvador
17. Fiji
18. French Guiana
19. Guadeloupe
20. Guatemala
21. Guyana
22. Haiti
23. Honduras
24. Jamaica
25. Kosrae
26. Marshall Islands
27. Martinique
28. Mexico
29. New Caledonia
30. Nicaragua
31. Panama
32. Papua New Guinea
33. Philippines
34. Puerto Rico
35. Saint Lucia
36. Saint Martin
37. Saint-Barthélemy
38. Samoa
39. Sint Maarten
40. Suriname
41. Tonga
42. Trinidad and Tobago
43. US Virgin Islands
44. Venezuela
45. Vietnam
46. Grenada
47. (NEW) Miami, FL
48. (NEW) Singapore

The Zika Virus map shown above is liable to change at any time due to new countries being added which have Zika Virus outbreaks. Some countries shown on the map have very few cases of Zika Virus whilst others may have severe outbreaks. The Zika Virus map show above was updated on the 16th May 2016. Grenada became the latest Caribbean Island reporting cases of the Zika Virus the CDC announced today 16th May 2016.

The CDC issued a travel advisory to people traveling to the 'Spice Isle' to take 'advanced precautions' from Mosquito bites. They also advise pregnant women and women trying to conceive to avoid areas with Zika Virus outbreaks due to the dangers of Microcephaly to unborn children.

Zika Virus still spreading worldwide with Singapore the latest casualty to fall victim to the Virus. As of 29th August there are 82 confirmed cases of the Zika Virus.

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